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The key to success of all business directions of ASNOVA HOLDING is the guideline for achievement of leading positions in its sphere. We aspire to bring maximum advantage to society and country. These aims are achieved thanks to the efforts and diligence of specialists which are experts in their spheres and who possess unique experience and knowledge.

The basis for the sustainable development of the holding is the balance between interests of the company and expectations of its employees. Only the personal diligence of each employee and the efforts of the whole team can contribute to us reaching our goals.


The companies of the holding are developing in terms of professionalism thanks to the continuous personnel growth of each employee. Training of employees, furthering their qualification – is one of the main conditions to build our business.

Growth and promotion of employees in the companies of the holding are evaluated according to results of their work and requirements of the organization. The vast majority of structural division managers of the holding - from managers to CEO, made their way up through the Company.

Working environment

All companies of the holding work in compliance with legal regulations - both on the level of economic activity implementation, and on the level of relations with employees.

  • A democratic management including the respect of the personalities and employee openness;
  • Encouraged decision-making and empowerment;
  • A friendly business environment in the team, balance of interests of all personnel categories and the company;
  • Ergonomic workplaces.

The holding management is interested in long-term relationships with its employees. It is always ready to meet and satisfy the wishes and requirements of the personnel to continually increase personnel potential. This is the high-priority aim of our personnel policy in the holding.

Welfare adjustments, concern for professional growth, personnel health – basis for the company’s future prosperity. The holding is proud of its employees, just as they are proud of the place of their work.