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ASNOVA HOLDING began its activity in 1992 with wholesale-retailing of FMCG products. Today the companies of the holding work in distribution, logistics, retailing and real estate throughout Central, Western and Eastern Ukraine. The stability is provided by more than 5,500 employees.


SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA, SAVSERVICE KARPATY and SAVSERVICE SKHID are working in non-food distribution. The main partner of the holding is the largest FMCG goods producer – Procter&Gamble.

Food distribution is represented by SAVSERVICE-MOVA.
The company S.O.T.Bi represents perfumery and cosmetics distribution arm of the business.


We have been working in logistics services since 2001. Our logistics company has become part of the international group of companies EKOL LOGISTICS. 
EKOL LOGISTICS provides a full range of high quality logistics services. The company is certificated in compliance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007.


TS PLUS company develops the retailing side of the business.

It is represented by a network of grocery supermarkets named DOMASHNII 2/15 in Kyiv and a network of wine outlets WINE TIME in Western and Central Ukraine.

Up until 2010 the holding included the large distribution network DC.

Information Technology

IPLAND company specializes in the development of IT-services for mobile workforce automation and distribution processes, project management and IT-services support.

Real estate

The office and warehouse complex ESMA rents out premises and provides their maintenance and security.

LOGISTIC CENTER KALYNIVKA – is a large class A logistic complex in urban village Kalynivka that continues to expand and be fully maintained. It is situated in Vasylkivsky area, 25 km from Kyiv in the direction of Odesa on the E-95 highway.

Online Shopping

Online store Bel Gusto offers its customers great range of food, alcohol and household products produced in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, German, and Scotland etc.  


Rapidly developing and achieving leading positions in the market, all business directions  of АSNOVA HOLDING aspire to be the most cooperative to their partners, consumers and society as a whole. We are open to cooperation in all types of activity of ASNOVA HOLDING companies. We focus our business on international quality standards to ensure the possibility of representing Ukraine in the world market as a civilized European country.